About Us

22-InchBMX began as a community page on Facebook in April of 2013, and later expanded to include an Instagram @22inchbmx. Three years later the owner of the page/Instagram, David Anderson, decided to go into business as the first and only 22-inch bmx shop.

The 22-InchBMX Online Shop specializes in bmx bikes with 22" wheels and 22" specific components. However, we can special order 'regular' bmx components such as handlebars, grips, cranks, etc. from our distributors as well as other size bikes.

Our brands currently include: S&M Bikes, Fit Bike Co, Revenge Industries, DK Bicycles, Stolen BMX, and Fiction BMX. Other brands we can get include: United Bike Co, Cult, Daily Grind, Duo Brand, Verde, Wise Brand, and Airborne Bicycles (MTB).

You can't lose with 22s.